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Watermelon, Chilli & Lime Sorbet

Watermelon, Chilli & Lime Sorbet.

Watermelon, Chilli & Lime Sorbet

This cheeky and refreshing sorbet is great to cleanse the palette and add a little spice to enliven the taste buds. 

If you don’t have an ice-cream machine you will have to whisk it every 20 minutes or so to break up the crystals.


250g Watermelon flesh 

Juice and zest of 1 Lime

1 Red Chilli

75g Caster Sugar


1. Dice the Watermelon flesh into 2cm pieces and freeze

2. Pierce the stalk end of the chilli and with a blowtorch scorch the skin till black. Allow to cool and scrape of the skin leaving a skinless chilli. Cut lengthways, remove the seeds and finely dice

3. In a heavy saucepan add the zest and juice of the lime, sugar and a little water, heat to dissolve the sugar fully then add the diced chilli.

4. Remove the melon from the freezer and add to a food processor with the chilli lime syrup and blitz for about 4-5 seconds, remove quickly and place in a container then re-freeze.

5 After 25 minutes remove from the freezer and give a good mix breaking up large crystals and re-freeze, repeat this 2 more times.

6. Serve with a few finely shredded mint leaves.