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Win It Cook It

10 Beers

A few years ago I decided to begin writing a book of my adventures in the British Army. Beginning with Day 1. It’s a working progress so any feedback is a great reason to continue ( or not!!).

Honey Bourbon Butter

Another compound butter, this time using ghee. Cafe De Paris Butter


I love my compound butters, garlic, Herb and Cafe De Paris being 3 of my favourites but this new one rope the lot, great with Salmon, Steak ( Pork & Beef) and Chicken.


250g Butter

30g Finely chopped shallots

2 Egg yolks

1 Tbsp Honey

25ml Jack Daniels ( Other bourbons are just as good).

Salt & Pepper


Allow the butter to reach room temperature and add this along with all the other ingredients to a food processor and pulse until blended.

Lay a sheet of clingfilm on a work surface and place the butter along it, leaving a gap at each end. Roll into a sausage and tie off the ends.

Chill overnight if possible.

Cut a slice or two and place on your desired meat or fish and grill for 2 minutes and enjoy.

Cafe De Paris Butter (Using Ghee)

This is a fantastic compound Butter…

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Kedgeree Scotch Quails Egg

Quail Scotch Egg ( 6 portions).
6 Quails Eggs ( Soft boiled for 90seconds & chilled then carefully shelled)
300g natural Scottish Smoked Haddock
2 Egg yolks
Pinch of white pepper
Blitz haddock and yolks in a food processor until smooth and season with pepper only.
Divide into 6 balls and flatten in the palm of your hand ( handy tip is to keep hands oiled or wet) wrap each patty carefully around a quails egg and roll into an egg shape and chill.
Take a small dish of plain flour season with a little celery salt and cayenne.
Beat an egg with a little milk
Whizz up some fresh breadcrumbs.
Take each chilled egg and roll in the flour shake off the excess and dip into the egg mix coating well then finally into the breadcrumbs.
Deep fry for 2-3 minutes rolling with a spoon in the oil then drain well and enjoy. Can be served with a light creamy curry sauce and a spring onion risotto.